Past Experience in Conservation

Since 2014, I have dedicated myself to a remarkable journey with WWF, collaborating closely with their dedicated teams across six diverse countries: Rwanda, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Myanmar, and Fiji. This international odyssey has equipped me with invaluable expertise in the field of conservation and sustainable development, honed through hands-on experience in some of the world's most ecologically significant regions.

My role in this global endeavor was instrumental in shaping my perspective on environmental conservation, sustainable practices, and effective communication. This multifaceted experience has allowed me to witness firsthand the intricate challenges and inspiring successes in the realm of conservation, giving me unique insights into the strategies that work best.

At BW Communications, we are deeply committed to supporting WWF's mission to create a sustainable future for our planet. My extensive background, spanning six countries and diverse ecosystems, underscores my passion for environmental preservation and communication. It is this wealth of experience and unwavering dedication that sets me apart as the most qualified advocate for businesses seeking to make a meaningful impact on our planet's future.

Check out this brief video describing the partnership we have with the WWF:

BW Communications and World Wide Fund For Nature Video